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Via Rigone 1
IT-44042 Cento
Contact person: Prof. Marzia Maccaferri
Tel: +39 051 98 59 711 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The secondary school “Bassi – Burgatti” in Cento (FE) includes 3 courses of study: the economic sector, the technological sector (mechanics, electrotechnics, telecommunications) and the scientific high school with applied sciences option. The school has 141 teachers and about 40 other collaborators; there are 59 classes with 1380 students, aged between 14 and 19, coming from neighboring villages, within a radius of 15 km. The school use the most modern teaching technologies and has a gym, a chemistry lab, a physics lab, a biology lab, 3 computer labs and 2 language labs.

Cento is a small town in Emilia Romagna, close to important cities such as Bologna, Modena and Ferrara. The flat area of the region favours agriculture but also the industrial sector is very important, making use of the strategic position of the region and of an efficient communication system. The continuos economic and cultural development is supported by the presence of four universities of ancient tradition. The school has always had a solid relationship with the socio-economic reality of the area that favors the opportunity for experiences in nearby companies and universities. In addition, the school promotes and supports educational projects for European citizenship in order to help students become “global citizens”, aware of their rights but also of the responsibilities they will have to assume for a sustainable future: we want students to reflect more in-depth about how we can live on our planet without compromising its resources and climate. In particular, in relation to the debate on the environment proposed by the media, students show that they are experiencing the crisis of our planet with great participation; for this reason we wish to offer the opportunity for a peer-to-peer comparison with other European students to share knowledge, tools and means to achieve the common goal of promoting environmental awareness and increasing technical-practical skills to actively intervene in protection of the environment.

Although the teachers involved have no experience with Erasmus + projects, they are all highly motivated and have the professional skills and competences that are necessary for the success of the project and the achievement of all objectives. They have all worked or are working together on many educational and didactic projects, with regional institutions such as University of Bologna and Ferrara and local training institutions.

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