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Topic: The mobility of the future: infrastructure and roads to contrast climate change
Date: 27/03/2022 – 02/04/2022
Hosting school: Stiftsgymnasium St. Paul (Austria)
Sending schools: Aristotelio College (Greece) Gymnasieskolan Spyken (Sweden)

The second cross student exchange was hosted by Stiftsgymnasium St. Paul in St. Paul im Lavanttal (Austria) and took place from 27th of March to 02nd of April 2022.

Sunday 27th of March 2022
This is the day of arrival for teachers and students from Aristotelio college (Greece) and Gymnasieskolan Spyken (Sweden). The Austrian families welcomed the Greek students at the airport of Graz and the Swedish students at Graz railway station. The teachers were picked up by teachers from the Austrian school. Although it was the first time they introduced to each other, all arrived students felt the warmth welcome of the Austrian families. The students had time to do activities with the families, where the teachers had a small tour of St. Paul.

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Monday 28th of March 2022
First day of the week at Stiftsgymnasium St Paul, teachers and students had a welcome speech by the headmistress of the Austrian School, Prof. Ines Leschirnig-Reichel. The coordinator Prof. Giovanni Santoro presented the topic of the exchange and the program of the activities to the students. A group photo in front of the Erasmus corner was necessary and then the students had their first classroom immersion with ice-breaking activities with Prof. Rosemarie Pollanz. The teachers had a tour at the Austrian school, and they had a further discussion with the headmistress.

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The Erasmus+ group of teachers and students then moved to the monastery of St. Paul. The hosting school organized a conference with Mag. Christian Finger from the Climate Alliance of Carinthia. Initially, they explained to the students the problem of Greenhouse effect caused by certain gases mostly produced by transportation such as CO2. Then they moved to the suggested solution of the electric cars, where they informed the students the basic principles of operating an electric car, including experiments and demonstrations.​

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The students enjoyed their lunch break in the dining room of the school and for the Greek students that was a unique experience since in Greece the students return to their homes for lunch.

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The first day at school ended with a classroom immersion of Physical education under the supervision of Prof. Florian Rabensteiner and Prof. Bettina Pešec. Since there was a beautiful sunny day, the students divided into smaller teams and had a small basketball tournament. The winner had all the chocolate given by the teachers of physical education.

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During the evening, the hosting school provided an impressive and delicious welcome dinner to all students and teachers in a very well decorated room in the monastery of St. Paul.

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Tuesday 29th of March 2022
This was the day of the first cultural excursion for the students and teachers. The students visited the chocolate factory of Zotter and they had the opportunity to taste different flavors of chocolate and learnt about the process of making them.

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After this sweet experience, a guided tour to the city of Graz was an amazing experience been introduced to the post characteristic places of the city with the companion of Prof. Martin Lurger.

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Wednesday 30th of March 2022
The second day at the hosting school had three classroom immersions for the students. First subject was Biology, then Chemistry and then Physics. At Biology class the main emphasis was to support local products, not only for enhancing the local economy but also to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels (‘Think global – buy local’). Then the professor, Dr. Norbert Sapper,  had a game for the students where they had to store in the correct place in the fridge and in the cupboards the food according to their characteristics. At the end, the students made their own butter from local milk that tasted at the end of the lesson with some local bread and drunk local apple juice.

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During the chemistry class the professor, Monica Veidl, organized experiments in order to demonstrate the consequences of the diluted CO2 in the sea water and the effect of the diluted nitrogen and sulfur acids to calcium carbonate of the seashells.

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The third classroom immersion about Physics involved also a nice walk in the countryside. During this lesson Prof. Florian Rabensteiner explained how the monastery uses the water coming from the mountains and the rivers to create electric power. Professor explained how does a power and generating plant work and he gave emphasis on the renewable resources.

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Wednesday afternoon was the day for activities with the families where the students had actual fun with the families and the hosting students.

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The teachers on the other hand, had an amazing experience with Prof. Martin Lurger visiting the monastery of St Paul, the exhibition and the library of the monastery.

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Thursday 31st of March 2022
On Thursday all students and the participating teachers with the supervision of Prof. Andreas Kirisits, went on an excursion to Klagenfurt. After arriving at the central train station, it was time to meet up with Dr. Johannes Maier, Head of the Unit for International EU Coordination in Carinthia. In his talk, Dr. Maier informed all attendants about the history of Carinthia, collaborations in the Alps-Adriatic Region and how the state of Carinthia has benefited since Austria became a member of the European Union. Next, Patricia the tour guide, led the entire group through the city.

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The first stop was at the Klagenfurter Dom (Klagenfurt Cathedral) a splendid old church dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Afterwards, the participants had the opportunity to see a local market, the Benediktinermarkt, where regional products are sold. After that, Patricia showed the group the most popular sight in Klagenfurt, the Lindwurm, a mythical creature. This fountain is located at the Neuer Platz (New Square). The tour ended at the Wörthersee Mandl, a Carinthian legendary figure. There, the participants also saw beautiful mosaics of Klagenfurt’s partner cities. After the tour, the students had the opportunity to explore Klagenfurt for themselves. They went to the City Arkaden, a department store, to do some shopping, but also strolled through the alleys in the city center. In the afternoon it was time to leave and return home. Everyone enjoyed the trip to Klagenfurt, and all had a great time there.

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Friday 1st of April 2022
Friday is the final day at the hosting school and the day started with the ICT and eTwinning classroom immersion under the instructions of Prof. Dr. Eleni Kokkinou from Greece. Students had the chance to know many Web2.0 tools such as Canva, Kahoot, AnswerGarden, Padlet, Wordclouds and there were introduced to Cloud Computing using Google slides. With these software tools created messages and posters for raising the awareness about the climate change. Students was also worked in the eTwinning platform and added their concept in the Twinspace of the project and answered questions at the forum. Prof. Giovanni Santoro was responsible for the evaluation of the week which was performed at the end of this classroom immersion.

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Students and teachers prepared the dissemination event according to their willingness to spread the Erasmus+ message and the topic of the week. The dissemination event took place in the festival room of Stiftsgymnasium St. Paul with the presence of local authorities, participating teachers, the hosting families and the students. The students had chosen to interview each other about their experience of this week and this procedure was interesting and revealed humor, joy and a common conclusion about how rewarding the Erasmus experience was.

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The week ended with the farewell event organized by the hosting school with all students, teachers and hosting families.

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Saturday 2nd of April 2022
The day of departure of the participants is always difficult, especially after the excellent hospitality of the Austrian school and families. The aims of the Erasmus+ project have been accomplished since strong bonds have created between the participants and promises of future visits.

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The Agenda

The Evaluation (Students, Teachers, Families)


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