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greecelogo 16 Str. Vissarionos
EL-55510 Pylaia - Thessaloniki
Contact person: Prof. Maria Papachristou
Tel: +30 2310 471 711
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Aristotelio College is a modern private educational institution and includes Nursery, Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High School and Senior High School. It was founded in 1980, operating under the name of “Ekpaideftiria Grozoudi”, established in 1967 in Thessaloniki. The school has been family-owned and run since 1967. At present it operates in modern facilities within idyllic natural surroundings, in the areas of Pilea and Thermi, Thessaloniki. Our school has 170 students and 20 teachers in Gymnasium and 230 students and 25 teachers in Lyceum.

The school uses the most modern pedagogical methods and the full range of Information technology and pays special attention to the social development of the child, through several national and international projects. In this way promotes critical thinking and creative initiative to the students, as these are important for the future adult to succeed in life. Emotional intelligence, communicative skills, team-work, cooperative spirit and collaboration, ambition and motivation, are some of the skills and abilities that the school is trying to implant to our students.

Climate change, which is the most important social, economic and environmental problem, disrupts the viability of the international community. Human activity is the main cause of this phenomenon. To tackle this, however, it is necessary to change the overall mindset that can only be achieved by cultivating education about environmental protection. Thus, education plays a key role in laying the foundations for the thinking of younger people. Through up-to-date educational programs, students will be able to become more aware of the subject, gain more technical knowledge and be informed about the latest guidelines and legislative developments. For many years Aristotle College has proven that sensitizes students actively in environmental protection after being certified as an eco-school and was awarded the "Green Flag" as a symbol of sustainable certification of schools. The Erasmus+ program enhances the cultural consciousness and expression of students as well as their social and communication skills as citizens. This is advocated by Aristotelio College and therefore our school encourages educational programs that promote cooperative interactions. Thereby school environment can become an important factor that helps preventing and eliminating those undesirable facts.

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